Napa Angel Aurelio's Selection

Aurelio Montes has always had a deep love for Cabernet Sauvignon. He has traveled all around the wine world and, as a master winemaker, has been the creator of superb Cabernet Sauvignon in all wine regions of Chile, in Bordeaux, in Mendoza and now in Napa Valley. His intuition has always led him to the best Cabernet Sauvignon terroirs in all these places and the result of his efforts has been outstanding. When it comes to producing great Cabernet Sauvignons, Aurelio is a driven man, all passion and energy.


For years now, Aurelio had set his mind and heart in Napa Valley.
It always has been his wine Shangri-la. Call it karma, good fortune, head strong determination, whatever. The challenge was there. Aurelio would not be complete until he tried his art with the best of Napa…and so it came to pass.


Cabernet Sauvignon being the King of red grapes, Napa Valley is its kingdom, its natural habitat. They go hand in hand. Our two versions of NAPA ANGEL reflect two levels of quality, may you enjoy both and, when tasting them, know that it is a dream come true. A small Chilean presence in the universal Napa Valley.


Exactly as we did in Chile and Argentina, in Napa Valley we started by purchasing grapes in the areas that Aurelio thought more suited for his creations. Aurelio searched for the best grapes he could find mainly in three regions of Napa Valley:


Sedimentary, gravelly alluvial silt loams. Rocky.
Rainfall: 32 inches annually.
Altitude: 20 to 200 feet.
Climate: Moderately warm. Mid-Summer fluctuates between 50ºF and 90ºF.
Hanging period: 180 days.


Clay dominated, very shallow.
Rainfall: 20 inches annually.
Altitude: 300 feet.
Climate: Cool, with marine winds.
Hanging period: 205 days.

Oak Knoll

Fine gravelly clay loam soil. Results in very elegant wines.
Rainfall: 36 inches (90 cm) annually.
Altitude: see level to 800 ft. (244 m).
Climate: second coolest after Los Carneros. Fine, gravelly.